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I, Robot (2004) – Telugu – DVD – X264 – 1 CD : (Torrent File)

Mercury Rising (1998) – Telugu – DVD – XviD – 500 MB : (Torrent File)

narnia 1 :

Narnia 2 In Telugu :


Mission Impossible -3

GLADIATOR telugu :

300 Warriors :


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Arya MBBS Telugu Movie DVD Rip download

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Prayanam Telugu cam movie torrent

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King Telugu movie torrent download

Screen Shots:


King (2008) ~ DVD ~ X264 ~ AAC ~ 1 CD ~ Subs ~ Team Tolly.torrent (14.0 KB, 477 views), size: 694.89 mb, seeders: 78, leechers: 110, completed: 123

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Drona Telugu movie download

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Maska Telugu movie verified torrent download

maska1A vagabond youth Krish (Ram) sets a goal to win the heart of a rich girl called Manju (Sheela). Manju stays in the US. Some how, Krish meets her and express his wish. Manju, surprised at his daring and dashing nature, accepts his love but keeps three conditions. Of them, one is to win the love of another girl. In order to fulfil the condition, Ram creates a fictitious character called Meenu (Hansika Motwani). Incidentally, the fictitious character comes alive. Now the love game off to a typical start. While Krish loves Manju, Meenu keeps loving Krish and makes attempts to avoid Meenu. Meanwhile, two MPs (Pradeep Rawat and Mukhesh Rushi) start searching for Meenu. Why the MPs are after Meenu? Did Krish’s love towards Manju was a success? Was Meenu able to win the heart of Krish? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

Ram gave an energetic performance all through the film. He is known for excellent dances and had good ease in action scenes. Once again, he proved that he is at his best in songs and fights. Really, Ram’s character is a highlight for the film. Both the heroines, Hansika and Sheela are good in their respective roles. While Hansika filled the glamour slot, Sheela played a key role in the movement of the subject. To be more particular, Sheela had improved her performance capabilities than her earlier flicks. Mukhesh Rushi and Pradeep Rawat are okay as villains. Once again, Sunil has got another opportunity to play a full-length role in the film on par with the hero and he excelled in tickling the funny bone of the audiences along with Brahmanandam and Telangana Sakuntala.

The director brought out the film as an out and out entertainer. The film had the flavour of B. Gopal, who is known for bringing out action and faction dramas. It appeared that the director chose to use the track to run the triangle love between the hero and two heroines with an inspiration from ‘Vaali’ featuring Surya with Simran and Jyothika. The director and the producer might have decided to bring out an out and out mass entertainer and decided to prepare a subject which would be a big hit commercially. Another highlight of the film is the music and also the choreography of songs. The sizzling beauty of Hansika and the electrifying performance of Ram made the songs enjoyable. Editing part is also okay with not many lengthy boring scence.

MS Raju, who is known for releasing successful films during Sankranti almost regained his glory. After successive flops, a film like ‘Maska’ gave him adequate relief commercially. As was said by the producer himself, Ram’s performance, Hansika’s glamour, B Gopal’s directorial abilities earned him the necessary mass-oriented action story which is most likely to become the hot favourite among the Sankranti releases.

Cast & Crew:

Cast: Ram, Hansika, Sheela, Pradeep Rawat, Mukhesh Rushi, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Naresh, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Adi of ‘Munna’-fame, Narsing Yadav, Telangana Sakuntala and others

Music: Chakri

Story: Surya

Maska Telugu movie verified torrent download

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Arundhati Telugu movie torrent download

arundhatiArundhati (Anushka) was born in a Royal family and is known for her daring and dashing nature. She exhorts people to thrash and kill her own brother-in-law Pasupati, who married his elder sister and abetted her to commit suicide with his anti-social activities. He is a cruel person besides a womanizer. However, Pasupati survives from the severe thrashing of people and decides to take revenge against her. He acquires tantrik skills and again visits the palace to kill her. But Pasupati falls flat at the beauty of Arundhati and thought of molesting her. With her knack and knowledge, Arundhati makes him immovable and bury him alive in a tomb. Despite going into the tomb, Pasupati challenges that he would avenge his death by killing even if she takes a rebirth. Arundhati too returns the challenge that she would see his end. Who won the challenge? Did Arundhati takes a rebirth? How she acquired the strength to kill the all-powerful Pasupati? What was the real grudge between Arundhati and Pasupati? How Arundhati kept her vow and challenge? How each of them struggled to win the challenge? Answers to all these questions had to be seen on the screen.

Anushka is just a romantic and glamour doll. She doesn’t know what is acting and she doesn’t have any skills to perform. She somehow survived with the glamour and exposure. This is the opinion of the audiences on Anushka so far. Now those who watch Anushka in this film would have to change their opinion. Really Anushka showed her performance capabilities to the fullest extent in this movie. It is no exaggeration that no heroine showed so much acting talent in any lady-oriented character in recent times. The film would definitely remain a milestone in her career. She gave the best of her life in this film. She showed good variation between the two characters of Jejamma and Arundhati. There is no surprise if she was selected as best heroine for her performance. Sonu Sood, who portrayed the role of Pasupati too is second to none in performance. The film would remain a big asset for his career, performance-wise. Sayaji Shinde who appeared in the role of a Muslim Phakir also gave a nice performance. His role helped in maintaining the tempo and assisted the heroine’s role well. He did a fantastic job. Others like Deepak, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Annapurna, Jayalalitha, Ahuti Prasad and all other artistes did complete justice to their respective roles. None of the characters could be dismissed as waste in the movie.

Kodi Ramakrishna once again proved his talent in making films with the help of graphics. He had become the well-known film maker for technical movies. Especially music remained a big asset and re-recording gave life to uplift the mood in the film. Graphics are superb. Above all, editing work is excellent. None of the scene appeared boring and none of them disturbed the story and its tempo with crisp and sharp movement. All the action scenes are superb and the screenplay is excellent and not cinematic. Especially, the film proved that the films brought out in India is second to none technically. Producer Shyamprasad Reddy produced the film with a passion and maintained good production values. Not only the storyline, but also the twists in the film are quite interesting and attracted the audiences. The production values are at a high range. The film appeared like a big hero’s movie with heavy rich scenes. It did not give the feel of watching a lady-oriented movie.

Right from the beginning of the film, the director take the audiences straight into the story without any break or any unnecessary time-pass scenes. The film starts with a nice narration. The performance of Anushka, Sonu Sood, Sayaji Shinde, the technical values attract the audiences. There is a nice twist at the interval bang and the audiences would get a puzzled feel and show interest to go inside as soon as possible to learn about the further story. As expected there are some more twists in the film which are surprising and thrilling. The length of the film is also short and hence the audiences would get a nice feel of watching a nice and technically brilliant film. There are no side-tracks and only story was narrated without going for unnecessary comedy tracks to maintain the tempo. Definitely the film would emerge winner at Box Office.

Films you recall: House of Flying Daggers (Drum Dance sequence), The Final Desstination (The scene involving Kaikala Satyanarayana and the water flow, Car and Train episode), Lord of the Rings

Cast & Crew:

Cast: Anushka, Deepak, Shayaji Shinde, Sonu Sood, Manorama, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Annapoorna, Ahuti Prasad and others

Story, Screenplay: Mallemala Unit

Dialogues: Chintapalli Ramana

Music: Koti

Arundhati Telugu movie torrent download

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Chandrika 18+ Hot Telugu movie torrent

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Sidhu from Srikakulam Telugu movie torrent

Sidhu from Srikakulam
Cast: Allari Naresh,Manjari,Shradha Das
Music: Radhakrishna KM
Producer: Malla Vijayaprasad
Director: Eeshwar
Year: 2008

Sidhu from Srikakulam telugu movie verified download link

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